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SEO Service - How Much and How to charging (or paying) for this service ...
We received a question from a provider of website optimization services for search , SEO . He wanted our opinion of what would be the most appropriate format for charging for their services . As this is probably a question of many , we decided to make this article even assist those who wish to hire SEO services .

It is an interesting and relevant topic because there are many ways being used by service providers . Whether you're an individual or team of a company consultant , as you "packages " its services can take your business to success or failure.

Note that the pricing of any product or service is always a complex task , and may take long to realize that you 're working without income , its price is far above the market or you are missing the chance to offer complementary services and work and make more and better.

Always insist on one point: Time is money . Thus , the decision to hire a competent SEO , will surely prove to be a cost-effective option over time . Especially if the alternative is to do on their own based on " guesswork " of those involved .If you have no opportunity to learn or have an internal person do it , hire a good service and see the results arrive early.

With that in mind , let's look at how SEO service providers usually charge for their services . We conclude that there are six models of the most popular collection , used by most SEO . They are:

Hourly Consulting - This may not be the most common format , but is the simplest to apply. The work is based on how many hours it would take to complete a particular task , with rates varying between £ 60.00 and £ 120.00 for smaller companies , R $ 200.00 to R $ 500.00 for medium and to R $ 1,000.00 for services of renown. How SEO work varies greatly according to the subject site , typically used to consultancy for an experienced professional to instruct own team how best to do the work site .Contract or monthly hits - Perhaps the most popular model at the moment, where customers pay a predetermined value or signing a contract with a monthly disbursement. The peculiarities of the SEO service, the results take 2 to 3 months to start showing real results ( and more to areas much competition ) , it is common to establish a minimum number of months to the strategies used to operate. It seems the fairest way , at least for a testing phase .

Payment by results ( rankings or traffic) - This is also a common way to some websites that claim only " to rank " well for a certain group of keywords or terms or reach predetermined levels of traffic. Usually companies wish to define that position ( position 1, 2 or 3 , or the first page, for example) or a minimal amount of organic visits. So they pay a price when they reached these heights. This kind of pricing can cause problems , especially when linked to visitation , if certain safeguards are taken from the beginning of the work , as prohibiting the use of spam , purely organic origin coming of searches or other restrictions that inhibit inadvisable practices . This format of firm demand monitoring and metrics tools.

    Payment by "packet traffic " - This type of charge (or pay ) sets delivering a certain amount of leads per month , and payment is usually made ​​of early shape and renews the hit every month . It may be interesting for the provider, because you can keep the client for longer periods , if the work is successful, and the contractor , which can vary its investment to more or less every month , according to the seasonality of specific your business .

 " Division of Revenue " - is not that common, but mention it because when the focus of my company, ClickTime was providing services , we used this model. Sees in this format is a smaller outlay and a success rate in the form of commissions on sales of products , services , advertisements or any other format . It is a more complex format , it depends on a very great complicity between the companies , since the contractor has to open their sales information . Another problem is that this model , when used in contractors who are launching their digital versions , with the weather starts to " look expensive " because when it is at zero , the trend is only growing and the contractor has the feeling that you are spending too much and is in doubt whether this growth is a result only of the work done by the SEO or also through other channels or investments .

Consulting for design - As no project is the same , each case is considered individually with the contractor estimating the time required , effort , personnel, traffic levels and positioning or hitching a cost to these variables . As we said earlier, there are areas where it is easier to achieve good placements than others and it is right that each project has a specific budget. It is true that the work of SEO works , but is far from an exact science , and that format recovery may be the most responsible , by the provider to be more lucid and awake to the contractor pricing .

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